Trash & Recycling Guide

Do NOT throw bags of trash onto the back of the dumpster or above the top surface of the dumpster (“piling on”). These bags will roll off before the dumpster gets to the entry point on the dump truck, and fall into the parking lot. Piling On will result in a $25 fine per bag.

Example of “Piling On” Trash on Top of Dumpster

NO Items are to be placed in the parking lot near or around the dumpsters. This presents a potential hazard to residents trying to access the dumpsters and will cause our Trash Hauler from being able to access and empty the trash dumpster. Tenants will be fined for each individual piece left in the parking lot. If you have a large piece of furniture that someone may want, you need to post a notice in the main entry to your building days before you will need to dispose of the item, and have people come and get the item from your apartment.

Trash Items Outside Dumpster
Trash Items Outside Dumpster

PAPERBOARD RECYCLING – There is one smaller brown dumpster for Paperboard Items for each building. Make sure you know which recycling dumpster you are putting your items into! This is for any clean, paper or cardboard items. ALL boxes must be flattened to take up as little space as possible. We frequently find big-screen TV boxes, full of plastic and Styrofoam (non-paper) packaging that has been deposited into the Paperboard recycling dumpster, taking up a considerable amount of space. Don’t carry a box cutter with you? You can easily cut the reinforced paper and plastic tape on boxes with the jagged edge of most any key! Only CLEAN boxes should be deposited in this recycling dumpster NO greasy pizza boxes, pizza crusts, aluminum foils, peppers, dipping sauce, etc. should be left in the box!

Paperboard Recycling

COMMINGLE RECYCLING – There is one smaller brown dumpster for Commingle Items for each building. Commingle items are any CLEAN glass, metal or recyclable plastic item. NO PLASTIC BAGS are to go into this dumpster, regardless of whether its marked as recyclable or not. Make sure you know which recycling dumpster you are putting your items into! If you’re collecting empty plastic water or soda bottles, you can bring them to the dumpster in a plastic bag, but then dump them out and dispose of the plastic bag in the trash dumpster.

Commingle Recycling

Last Update: 1/3/2024

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