Oven Care

It has been observed that if food items are allowed to drip down onto the bottom oven heating element, it will eventually create a “hot spot” on the element and cause it to fail. This may result in an observed fire or electrical arcing within the oven. If this should occur, turn off the oven immediately by either:

  1. Turning the oven temperature dial to OFF, or
  2. Go to your apartment circuit breaker (located in the Entry or Hallway closet) and turn off the corresponding paired circuit breakers for the Stove/Oven. There is a laminated card attached to your circuit breaker box, which displays a layout of your apartment and which circuit number is associated with a specific circuit. The Stove/Oven circuit is normally the 5/7 set of breakers. If the Stove/Oven is on the 5/7 breakers (top row of breakers on the box, press the 5/7 circuit breakers DOWN to turn it off.
How To Shut Off Power to Oven
How To Shut Off Power to Oven

If there is any fire in the oven compartment, keep calm, close the oven door and the fire will burn itself out within a matter of minutes. This will not harm the oven. Contact the Leasing Office if during normal business hours, or call the Emergency Maintenance line (269) 491-0612 to report this issue to management. DO NOT USE THE STOVE UNTIL IT HAS BEEN REPAIRED AND CHECKED TO BE SAFE FOR USE.

Last Updated: 1/3/2024

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