Co-Signer Application

If a prospective tenant is under the age of 21 or they do not meet the requirements set forth in the requirements to become a Leaseholder, a Co-Signer may be added to the lease. All co-signers must be based in the United States. Print out the Co-Signer form (2 pages), and fill it out completely. NOTE: The Co-Signer must either sign the document in our Leasing Office with our Leasing Agent witnessing the signing of the document, or the Co-Signer can take the form to their local bank or credit union, who should have some one in their office that has a Notary Public stamp, and can attest that they witnessed the Co-Signer when signing the form. The signed and notarized form must be mailed in to our Leasing Office along with a $25 fee (personal check or money order), made out to Westchester Woods Apartments, and mailed to:

Westchester Woods Apartments 1230 Little Dr. A-110 Kalamazoo, MI 49006

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